For some recommendations what to try in Bansko, see Food and Drinks.

Delivery places

If you are looking for affordable take away or delivery in Bansko, we've selected a few Members' favorites that deliver for free and offer daily lunch menu as well as their regular menu. Local spots usually prefer you order via FB or Whatsapp so they don't have to pay extra fees to FoodPanda.

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Lunch places

Most of the “Mehana” or “Han” Bulgarian restaurants have a lunch menu (“obedno meniu”) which they will gladly translate for you. It changes daily, is freshly made and cooked to order. Tends to be slightly cheaper and adds variety to your meal options. Some of our local favorites:

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Dinner places

Many of the above lunch places are also dinner places. Please look out for the brown signs with a pot on it saying Bansko. They have authentic Bansko cuisine on offer.

Bansko is also home to a number of restaurants with international cuisine targeted to visitors and expats alike. They offer salads, main courses, pizza and specialty dishes that can provide an escape from the traditional Bulgarian cuisine if you are looking to add variety to your diet.

Complete list of places to eat/drink


Complete list of places to eat/drink


Complete list of places to eat/drink

Special considerations