A bit of history

Bansko is a small mountain town with rich 18th century Bulgarian Revival history in southwest Bulgaria about 2.5 hrs drive from Sofia and Plovdiv and 4 hrs from Thessaloniki (Greece). Located at 1000m altitude at the foothills of Bulgaria’s highest mountains and at the base of Pirin National Park, Bansko is surrounded by craggy peaks, dense forrests, high alpine lakes, meadows, and hot springs with healing mineral waters.

The area around Bansko has been populated since the early Thracians (100 B.C.) Until the 18th century, the inhabitants were mainly ranchers, farmers and craftsmen who relied on the vast pastures and rich forests. There are still archeological sites to be found from this period around Bansko. During the period of the National Revival Bansko developed as an urban trade, crafts and revolutionary center. The Old Town that still exists today dates back to the 1800s and you will learn everything about that period during the free walking tour of Bansko held every weekend. Bansko is also the birthplace of three famous Bulgarians authors and historians - Paisiy Hilendarski (1722-1773), Neofit Rilski (1793-1881), Nikola Vaptsarov (1909-1942).

So many possibilities

In summer Bansko is the starting point for exploring Pirin National Park and the surrounding mountains. The town offers multiple marked trails for hiking, mountain biking, and climbing; an 18-hole golf course; various horseback riding options; many spas with thermal mineral waters and wine tasting in nearby villages. Bansko also hosts a number of music, film, art and culture festivals which turn the small town into a lively scene with performers and guests from all over the world. The summer months are our favorite for living here - the town is quieter than in winter but the Coworking Bansko community is brimming with activity.

In winter, Bansko is the most popular ski resort on the Balkans, featuring 75 km of ski slopes and 14 lifts with a season lasting from December to April. Being the highest ski resort on the Balkans, Bansko enjoys the deepest and most reliable snowpack in the region. The town also hosts FIS World Cup alpine ski races annually which turn the small town into a big international event. The nearby village of Banya (only 5 km away) is known for its 27 hot springs and has plenty of spas and plein air swimming pools.

In terms of public transportation, regular buses run to Sofia, Plovdiv, Blagoevgrad, etc. Bansko is also served by the unique and scenic narrow gauge railway from Septemvri to Dobrinishte. The railway uses the narrowest tracks in Bulgaria and the Avramovo stop is the highest train stop on the Balkans. Riding the “tesnolineika” is a special experience. We recommend you buy first class, bring snacks/drinks and enjoy the ride if you got the time.

Bansko also has an active Digital Nomad Group on Facebook that you may join in advance if you are planning on coming to town.

Internet connection in town is very good and Bulgaria is known as one of the fastest internet providers within the EU. You can buy 4G cards for about 10 BGN/5 Euro with plenty of Gigabytes.

Weather, Climate & Air Quality

The weather in Bansko is nice and warm during the summer, but never too hot with average temperatures during the day around 25C. Little rain and an evening downdraft from the mountains makes it a great summer location with warm days and cooler nights. In the winter Bansko Ski Resort features the deepest and most reliable snowpack on the Balkans however temperatures in town rarely go below zero making it perfect to enjoy the snow up on the mountain or go for an evening stroll around town.


Even though it is claimed that the air in the Old Town is polluted during winter from locals burning wood to heat their houses, it is by no means even close to the air pollution level you would experience in a big city. Members prefer to live in the Gondola area in winter to be closer to the slopes and above the inversion that at times sets over the valley, while in summer the majority choose to live in Old Town and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere in the center of town. Coworking Bansko has installed sensors around town to measure air quality, you can see the live data here

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